The burden of responsibility.

I have rarely needed a manager to decide things for me. Give me lots of context – yes. Give me support when I decide to take action – yes. But make decisions for me – not so much.

It fascinates me how many managers still feel burdened with the responsibility of making decisions for people. This is clearly due to legacy baggage of what is expected of a manager.

But this feeling of responsibility invariably increases their stress and either cultivates passivity in their staff or causes frustration when the decisions are inappropriate or ill timed.

With enough information people know what to do. Telling them what to do rarely works. Maybe it’s time to lay down that burden of responsibility.

2 thoughts on “The burden of responsibility.

  1. Yes by doing this you lose all the thinking and energy in the organization – you lose the leverage – I see this in parenting too these days – keeps children as children and employees too


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