Things that have caught my eye

Sorry I missed last week, a weekend in Bournemouth got in the way, but here are some links that I noticed since the last of these posts.

4 Ethical Concerns For The Connected World.
I have written a fair bit myself about the ethical and moral issues being raised by our increased use of technology and this article from ReadWrite is worth a read.

Constant doubt and outrage.
Following on from the ethical concerns expressed in the last link my friend Harold Jarche has a great post on how we can take greater responsibility for how this all turns out!

Back to the Future: Drones in Humanitarian Action.
Patrick Meier’s blog iRevolution has long been a favourite for keeping up with innovative and positive uses of technology. This article on using drones in humanitarian work, and on improving understanding of their impact and effective deployment, is fascinating.

Hope you find these links as interesting and useful as I did.

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