Things that have caught my eye

Thinking faster with mind maps.
I have used MindMaps on and off since first reading Tony Buzan’s books way back. I mostly use them to get ideas out of my head and into a state where I can rearrange them and do this for longer articles and keynotes. This post by Brett Terpstra lays out his process which some of you might find useful.

Laziness Does Not Exist.
Maybe it was wishful thinking that drew my eye to this article but in fact it is a really thoughtful piece about our attitudes to laziness – particularly other people’s!

China’s alternative to GPS should be complete by mid-2020.
I have often thought that with our increasing dependence on GPS (sat navs, autonomous vehicles, drones etc.) that we are at risk of someone pulling the plug. I can therefore totally see why China would want to develop its own GPS system.

Danny MacAskill’s gym workout is absolutely not like yours.
And finally those of you who have enjoyed Danny MacAskill’s mountain biking videos will enjoy his visit to the gym!

4 thoughts on “Things that have caught my eye

  1. So I started reading the post about there being no laziness and it’s all about barriers to completing something…then realized I was doing this instead of completing something! So I went back to completing it. What if I never finish reading the “no laziness” article?

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