I have always been an all or nothing sort of person and over Christmas all was very much the trend so yesterday I attempted to mitigate the effect of such excess by eating nothing. My last food was my evening meal on Saturday until a couple of slices of toast this morning (Monday) for breakfast.

I do this fairly regularly and find fasting easy. It is mind over matter and once I have set my mind to it I just catch the urge to eat something, nip it in the bud, and carry on with whatever I was doing. I have in the past managed 48 hours fasting on this basis.

It feels good. You can feel your body breathing a sigh of relief and it is almost as if it gets a chance to reset itself. You realise that much of our inclination to eat is due to social conditioning. Three meals a day, meat and two veg, finish your plate, all the cultural norms that are less cast in stone than we think.

If you haven’t tried fasting I can recommend it – it literally causes the weight to drop off!

4 thoughts on “Fasting

  1. Euan, I agree. I have fasted before, but for no longer than 24 hours and not regularly. Also I tend to think that I have to earn my next meal. Do something physical./energetic. 2 of my family have become vegetarian and when they visit i tend to eat similar. Seems good. Alex


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