Comfort zones, ruts, and unpredictable futures.

My experience of learning to drive trucks has certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone. In fact several comfort zones. Indeed on a bad day I can wonder why on earth I am putting myself through it.

But being pushed out of my comfort zones is good for me. It makes me think harder, try harder, face my demons. Doing something like this makes me realise how easy it is to become complacent, to feel safe resting on our assumptions about life and ourselves.

The trouble is that such complacency leads to living in a rut. We get stuck. Our ability to cope with the unexpected reduces. We are less able to deal with the challenges that inevitably face us throughout our lives.

It seems clear that our life is about become more turbulent in all manner of ways, from the results of the current political turmoil, to the impact on our working lives of rapidly advancing technology, to dealing with the increasing challenges of global warming.

Getting stuck in a rut is the most dangerous thing we can do. Now is the time to climb out of it.

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