It’s the little things.

As an agency driver, I am driving new vehicles almost every day. Different makes of lorry, MAN, Mercedes, DAF, Renault, Mitsubishi, Iveco… I think the only ones I haven’t driven so far are Volvo and Scania. And then I drive vans too which are just as varied.

All of them come in different configurations and with different ways of loading and unloading. Some have tail lifts, and these themselves can vary enormously, some have drop sides and can be unloaded by forklifts, and I have even driven tankers which you unload using compressed air.

But it’s the little things that can get you. The other day I wanted to adjust the steering column in my truck. Sometimes these are adjusted by levers and sometimes by compressed air triggered by a switch on the steering column, but none of the conventional methods were to be found. I ended up having to search YouTube and there it was, a small raised bump, about the size of a marshmallow, moulded into the rubberised floor covering to the right of the driver’s seat! Of course it was!

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