Righteous indignation?

Social media platforms are programmed to give you more of what you respond to. It is how they make their money and they don’t care what you respond to, so long as you keep responding.

If you keep reacting to things that make you angry, they will give you more of them, and you will increasingly believe that that is the way the world is.

If, on the other hand, you respond to positive things they will also give you more of those, and you might begin to believe that the world is a better place than expected.

This gradually begins to affect the feeds of those who are connected to you online, even those at the periphery of your network who crossover into other networks of people who appear to fundamentally disagree with you. Who knows, you may change their perspective on the world too.

Instead of constantly feeding the indignation engines, why not try the alternative instead?

4 thoughts on “Righteous indignation?

  1. Euan, I agree with the message, but what if one decides to starve these social media platforms of thoughts and intellect?
    Instead, focus on the more valued channels.


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