Knowledge Management, arses and elbows.

It’s funny to be here in Washington on my annual pilgrimage to KM World and to hear yet again what are sadly predominantly conversations about Sharepoint.

For me the purpose of KM was to make it easier to have useful conversations with people who knew stuff that you didn’t. Somehow it became all about information and document management, enterprise search, and on and on…

As someone who now works “on the shop floor” of many different companies in my role delivering their goods to customers, I am always in the position of needing to know stuff, different stuff for each company, again and again. I need to know how to do things, I need to know how to keep myself and others safe, I need to know how to do the paperwork and logistics.

I am invariably handed a pile of documents, some of them well written some of them not, some of them up to date some of them not. Sometimes I read them, more often I don’t

But guess how I really learn the ropes? Through the kindness and patience of others who are willing to take the time to have a chat with me to ensure that I know my arse from my elbow.