Working in the Facebook salt mine

I blog because I enjoy blogging. I have been doing it for so long that I can safely assume that I will always blog.

I often think of just blogging on my blog and pulling out of the various social media platforms. But given the fact that most people don't use RSS and following blogs isn't as straightforward as it might be, and the fact that I currently get the best responses and conversations on Facebook, I will continue to repost my blog posts there.

In doing so I guess I'm feeding the beast. In my own modest way I'm helping to keep Facebook interesting, helping them to make money. I'd rather not be.

6 thoughts on “Working in the Facebook salt mine

  1. It has been three years since I removed myself from Facebook. I don’t think that I’ve missed anything. I still share content with people that I think is interesting I just do it via email, and DMs, some do the same with me some don’t. Find that whilst I still write a blog it does not seem to be as read as it once was and engagement is low, but at least no spam comments to moderate.


  2. Yes, I am happy to take whatever comes in terms of activity on this blog. It may get very quiet but I’d prefer that to the noise of Facebook. I already feel more inclined to write more, and more openly. It’s funny how reactions to my writing are nice to have but you start worrying about what they will be!


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