So what *do* you do?

At the dentist’s today I was asked to fill out a form which included a question about what my occupation was. I have always struggled with this question but today struggled even more than previously. There was a strong temptation to just write “Lorry Driver” and be done with it. 

More often than not I have described my self as a writer and speaker which normally satisfies people. In the past I have occasionally used “consultant’ but that never felt right. My consulting has taken the form of workshops and coaching more than what I think of as consulting. I don’t write papers, I don’t produce slide decks, I don’t come up with strategic plans. I have conversations, both on stage and off. 

And I guess that’s it. I have conversations with people about what I know and what I notice. 

I heard Seth Godin say the other day that he was paid to notice things. That’ll do. I’ll take that. I’m a professional noticer. 

I wonder if that would have worked on the form…