Flags of convenience

Over the years I have carried out my work under various “flags of convenience”. Knowledge Management, Social Media, Digital, Learning, Communication, Marketing, and more. But from my first encounter back in 1994 with the ability to reach out with a question on a bulletin board and get back wonderfully helpful answers, it’s been the same thing.

I think of it as “joined up writing”. In fact that was one of my suggested names for my book but the mixing of the connectedness of online writing with the play on the conventional meaning of achieving grown up status by being able to write long hand was too subtle for my publisher.

But it’s what I think I talk about. How to write in a joined up way with others, to connect with others through writing, to embrace the immediacy and global scope of conversational online writing to improve our lot.

I still find it fascinating and never tire of helping others get better at it.