Being in the world

When we were young my parents always took us on trips. Visits to interesting places, holidays around the UK, and when I was older motorcycling day trips around the highlands on the back of my Dad’s bike.

We have carried this tradition on with our own family and will almost always “go somewhere” at the weekends. When we got into walking and hiking in a big way this took us into the wonderful mountainous areas of the UK but also into enticing footpaths both locally and around the country.

One of the appeals of my truck driving is “being places”. OK, so I don’t get to stop to enjoy those places much, but I have really enjoyed getting to know pretty and less know places like The West Midlands and around Tewkesbury, Essex from the coast in to Thaxted and Saffron Walden, and along the Sussex coast and back into The South Downs
I find it odd, and at risk of being condescending a little sad, that there are lots of people who don’t do this. They commute into offices, spend their weekends in shopping malls, gyms, or cinemas, then fly off to resorts for their holidays. So often even when people do visit beauty spots they don’t explore much further than a few hundred yards from their cars.

I worry that the consequence is that lots of people are losing contact with the world around them and end up in hermetically sealed, media created bubbles that aren’t real.

Being in the world seems increasingly important as we destroy the riches that surround us… “Getting out more” matters more than we think.

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