Zen and the art of HGV driving

The other day I was headed to a location I hadn't visited before. The postcode that I was given wasn't recognised by the SatNav (it was a building site so the postcode was new) so I entered a nearby location and set off. On top of this imprecision I reckon there had also been an incident blocking a more obvious route because I and a couple of other HGVs ended up down this relatively small road and faced with a bridge with a 7.5 Tonne limit which our SatNavs appeared not to know about!

Given that my truck's gross weight was 32 Tonnes there was no way I was going to "take a chance" on crossing the bridge so there I am having to turn around in a small road with rush hour traffic in both directions. I managed to make it in about a six point turn, which I'm pretty chuffed with, but nonetheless I had to remain calm in the face of an increasingly irate audience.

The knack, as passed on by more experience drivers, is to see situations like this as a puzzle that you can enjoy solving, a professional challenge that hones your skills. Hanging on to this idea isn't easy!

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