No news is good news

I haven't watched or listened to news broadcasts for years. I became tired of being presented with a litany of things to be frightened about, that I could do nothing to prevent, and that had minimal direct impact on my life.

I also lost confidence in journalists. With a few very rare exceptions they barely understand the subjects they write about, always have an agenda, and certainly in the case of podcasts get between me and the people I want to learn from.

The media more generally have a massive impact on our lives. Would Brexit or Trump have happened without the media providing oxygen and fanning the flames? Would we be destroying the planet without marketing creating the sense of lack that drives us to buy more stuff than we need and then packaging shit in seductive plastic?

Would the world fall apart if everyone protected themselves from the power of the media? Or would we find out from each other about the things that directly affect us and be able to do something about them?

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