Old Joe and Billy Connolly

Prompted by my last post about “the middle” Sean Trainor shared a great skit from Billie Connolly that makes the same point.

This brought back a memory of Joe Wilson, one of the great guys I used to work with in the summer as a landscaping and grounds maintenance labourer. Joe, like me, also worked in the winter with the brother of the family who had a florists business. Sandy was “upwardly mobile” in Glasgow society and very conscious of it. He new anyone who was anyone and was over the moon when not only was he asked to provide a floral display for an event celebrating the career of Billy Connolly, but was also asked to attend as a guest.

Sandy decided that Joe was the safest pair of hands to deliver a large display of flowers in the shape of a banana shaped wellie boot, a prop which Billy used in his show in those days. Sandy was very nervous about trusting anyone with this task as the display was to be ceremonially brought in during the dinner. He kept coaching Joe on what to do and told him not to speak to anyone, just deliver the display and get out.

On the big night everyone is there in their dinner suit finery. Sandy is preparing himself for the guests being impressed and ready to bask in the glory. The door opens and in walks Joe.

At this point Billy Connolly looks around, looks amazed, stands up and says “Joe my man, how you doin’?” “Put that thing doon and come over here and sit by me.”

Joe used to be head groundsman at Shawfield Dog Stadium and knew Billy from the old days.

Needless to say Sandy, as Billy would say, “had a mouth like a dugs arse”.

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