My workplace

As I am speaking at a workplace event soon I thought I’d talk about mine. This is my office at home but all of the tools in the photo can be put in a bag and seconds and the whole thing reassembled wherever I am. The various bits and how I use them are listed below.

I love having the iPhone and iPad side by side which can give me a two screen setup. This might let me do a conference call on the phone and take notes on the iPad or, as I am doing now, look at the image on the iPhone and write on the iPad. Sure you can have different windows open on a laptop but I like the way this keeps things separate and simple. I also like the way that writing apps on the iPad present a simple uncluttered and distraction free interface!

The Logitech K380 keyboard has three yellow buttons near the top. This allows me to set it up to work with three devices (my iPhone, iPad and iMac in my case) and switch between them at the press of a button. This means that wherever I am or whatever I am doing I am always using the same keyboard which increases my typing speed no end.

The image on the iPad screen is of GoodNotes which I use increasingly for most of my writing and note-taking using the Apple Pencil you can see to the side. The notes can be converted to copyable text with a high degree of accuracy and all of my handwritten notes can be searched in one go. This means that it is easy to both get ideas out of my head but also to be able to find them again!

My AirPods are how I listen to podcasts or audiobooks. While sitting at my desk I also use them in combination with Siri to instigate phone calls, add to-dos to my Omnifocus list and ask Siri to find information on the internet.

The only thing not in the photo is my Apple Watch which I use all the time to monitor my exercise, keep track of tasks while on the move, and control the phone calls and audio apps that I use.

As I say, I am finding this combination particularly efficient and love the fact that I can reconstruct it anywhere I happen to be.

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