Getting your hands dirty

Like it or lump it technology plays an increasingly important role in all of our lives. It also plays an increasingly important role in business and our organisations.

And yet it is still held at arms length by most management, certainly most senior management. This isn't good enough.

Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that they all need to learn to code.. There was a flurry of interest in that about a year ago to little effect.

But more people need to be more curious, to play more, to tinker. They need to learn more than 5% of the powerful capabilities of their phone. They need to have fun exploring their computer beyond the ubiquitous confines of Microsoft Office. They need to learn enough about Facebook, Google and Amazon to know the questions to start asking.

Why do they need to do do this? Because these are the first steps to getting a real hands on, visceral experience of the major challenges we face. It will trigger the curiosity, confidence, and inclination to become more thoughtful about technology's role in life.

"I am too busy", "It's not my job" I hear them cry. But it increasingly is your job and it is all of our responsibilities. It is way too important to leave to the techies and we have already given them too much of a head start!

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