Doing the right thing

One of the first questions in BBC staff surveys used to be "Would you defend the BBC?". My first thought was always "That depends on whether we screwed up or not". It seemed such a stupid question that I struggled to take the rest of the survey seriously.

But how often do we really think about whether our organisations are doing the right thing or not? And do we do anything about it if we feel that they aren't?

In my book I wrote about the possibility of using internal social networks to regain some degree of influence over the large corporations that dominate the world of work and which are forever challenging the abilities of governments to control them. I am pretty sure that this potentially disruptive power is partly why their adoption is still rare!

But how else do we respond to that nagging doubt, that feeling of unease? Are we really powerless? Do we really need to keep working for an organisation that we feel is doing the wrong thing?

Or could we dare to have that first conversation with a colleague to share our concerns, to get the ball rolling, to start to take responsibility?

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