Magic in our hands

It never ceases to amaze me how much technological power is at our fingertips these days.

One of the benefits of my alternative career in driving is having time on my own to think, and being able to capture thoughts simply by raising my watch on my wrist and dictating to Siri is incredible.

In fact most of my writing these days is done either by dictation or, as is the case now, by handwriting on my iPad which Good Notes then automatically converts into text.

Like I said, magic. But not just magic for its own sake, magic that makes me more productive, and creative, while having fun at the same time!

3 thoughts on “Magic in our hands

  1. Hi Euan. I am also amazed at how much technological power is at our fingertips, though I’d extend ‘these days’ back a few years. I haven’t tried Good Notes yet, but I think there are similarities to Evernote which I’ve been using since 2008. The first iPad was a complete game-changer for me – I blogged about it in 2012 at: Reading your post has got me thinking about this subject again.


    1. Yes, I remember the excitement of Evernote and it’s ability to recognise text from images when it first came out. Though if I’m correct you never could copy the recognised text and use it elsewhere which was frustrating. Sad to watch their ups and downs as a business.


      1. Good point about not being able to copy the recognised text – I just checked again and that’s still not possible. I also agree about their ups and downs as a business – according to TechCrunch a ‘tipster’ referred to Evernote as being in a "death spiral", which isn’t all that encouraging. I may have another look at productivity apps while I’m at it


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