Your phone doesn’t have to be your enemy.

It has been interesting using the beta of iOS 12 for the past month or so and the new functionality that allows me to keep a track of my phone usage. By far the greatest use of my phone is reading books, followed by activities related to managing my work, then general productivity, and only then social media. My phone allows me to:

  • Read more books than ever before.
  • Maintain a task list that allows me to keep track of all the things I have to do.
  • Monitor my sleep patterns.
  • Record the distances I walk.
  • Record my water intake.
  • Track changes in my weight.
  • Record and re-live the routes I take in mountains.
  • Take better photos than any camera I've ever owned.
  • Play me podcasts.
  • Play me music.
  • Time my meditation.
  • Do cool things like show my mum and dad places I am visiting, live as I am doing things like kayaking on the sea.
  • And lots more…

I pay a premium for Apple products to not be the product. I know which platforms try to track my actions and don't allow them to unless it's my choice. I keep intrusions from notifications to an absolute minimum.

Don't let the media convince you that it is inevitable that you are a victim of technology, and make the effort to ensure that you are not. I've made my phone my friend. You can too.

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