Put your own oxygen mask on first.

Society is made up of multiple networks of individuals, operating individually or in consort. In order for those networks to operate effectively, to use a biological metaphor, the cells have to be healthy.

We will only have a healthy society, or organisations, if we each become healthy, autonomous, tolerant, and sensitive to those around us. To do this we have to recover from being trained to be complacent, compliant, consumers.

We have to to be sceptical of ideologies and -isms. We have to develop the skills of self awareness and critical thinking that will enable us to work things out for ourselves and to do so in the context of those around us.

Before we can help others we have to deal with our own challenges and aspire to our own physical and mental health. We have to journey inward before we can return and take our place in our various networks in order to deal together with the challenges we all face.

Looking after yourself first is not a selfish act, it's an obligation.

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