Over the weekend I had occasion to meet two women doctors. One was a local GP checking out a pulled muscle in my shoulder, the other was a private doctor conducting a medical examination in a drop-in surgery in East London.

They couldn't have been physically more different. One was slightly gaunt, tanned, and Scandinavian looking. the other was a hijab wearing, Somali/French lady from Lyon. Both were witty, clever, and great fun to chat with. Both left me feeling more alive and good about myself than when I arrived.

Both exchanges were mildly flirtatious responses to a spark, a sense of attractive life energy. Neither was disrespectful nor manipulative on either side.

It would be a shame if, in our current important efforts to treat women with greater respect and to redress gender imbalances, we lost the life enhancing pleasures of mutually enjoyable flirtatious encounters.

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