Don’t panic, don’t panic (to quote Corporal Jones)

In spite of our best efforts we have little control over our lives. It terrifies us to admit it but from natural disasters, to twists of economic or political fate, to our relationships to our loved ones, we have no direct ability to control anything. Let's face it, most of us can't even control the thoughts running through our own heads!

When we notice this, and try harder to exercise control, we invariably make things worse. We get fearful, we get stressed, we start acting differently and make worse decisions or freak out those around us.

And yet there is a part of us, deep down and mostly hidden, that can just watch all of this happening. That knows that we don't need to control everything, that is perfectly capable of responding appropriately to whatever happens.
The common sense that we all share without need of dogma or effort just asks that we get still long enough to hear it.

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