The wonders of technology

It is all too easy to get caught up in the anti technology band waggon and forget what unbelievably clever devices they are – and how lucky we are to have them.

During our visit to Torquay at the weekend Apple maps guided us on our route down, avoided traffic build ups, and was, as is often the case, within five minutes of its predicted journey time over a nearly three hour journey.

I was able to use the amazing camera in the phone take great photos in diverse and sometimes challenging light conditions without even thinking about it. I was also able to film us paddling in and out if sea caves on our kayak trip.

I was able to use Ordnance Survey maps in the wonderful ViewRanger app to plan and track our sea journey.

I was able to video FaceTime my mum while I was sunbathing floating in the bay on the kayak. I could point out the beach and our hotel while bobbing gently on the waves, giving her a sense of being somewhere and doing something that she is unlikely to experience for herself.

And yes, horror of horrors, I was able to share some of our experiences on the trip on social media!

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