Cambridge Analytica is just the beginning.

It's been fascinating the number of people to whom the antics of Cambridge Analytica came as a surprise. I'm guessing there's a large overlap between them and the people who think that their demise has solved the problem. The media didn't help by describing what they did as "hacking". This wasn't some sort of marginal, one off bit of criminality – this was inevitable.

As the amount of data that is collected continues to increase exponentially the amount of trails and patterns we leave will likewise expand. The exciting and positive uses to which this data can be put will advance apace, but so will the nefarious uses.

The problem is that one person's exciting is another person's nefarious. Who gets to decide which is which? Who writes the laws that enforce these decisions? Who's keeping up and who is letting us down with their "I don't do technology" excuse?

If there is someone you know who is dragging their heels, and letting you down, feel free to point them at my [ideology of algorithms][1] article.


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