The rat race

On the odd occasions that I travel in to London during morning rush hour I marvel at the subtle jockeying for pole position that goes on on the station platform. An error of judgement could mean not getting through the door fast enough and not getting a seat so it's a life and death struggle.

I imagine the jockeying for position carrying on through the working day. I remember well the underlying worry about not keeping up, being overlooked, being left standing.

Is this inevitable? Is competition just part of human nature? Is it symptomatic of the drive that fuels progress?

Or is It a shame?

2 thoughts on “The rat race

  1. It’s an interesting observation Euan. That used to be me, but when I go to London I tend to select a train that gets me in earlier than I need. Recently I’ve come to enjoy sitting watching the madness unfold as people rush to be first off the train. Only once it’s all over do I gather my stuff and step off the train unencumbered and indulge myself in a stroll to the concourse as the madding crowd surges ahead of me.


    1. I’m the same. I’ll happily allow extra time to enable me to take a later train and then wait until everyone is off at the other end before getting out of my seat.


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