My inner geek

Was let out when I attended an event yesterday that followed on from the Internet Of Agreements Conference in London. Yesterday brought most of the speakers from the conference, many of them developers of Blockchain related products or services, getting together to work out concrete next steps around online identity – how to make it secure, how to manage it, who gets to manage it etc.

The session on key semantics was a stretch but also a blast from my geekier past. This session, led by Vinay Gupta, was tackling the challenges of private and public key encryption, the challenges posed by some of its history, and how to do it better going forwards. Getting my head around GPG, HTTPS again and remembering FOAF and OAUTH was fun.

One of the things we discussed, and a recurring theme of mine, was that more people from less technical backgrounds than those in the room, need to be brought into these conversations as soon as possible.

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