Sliding doors

If any of you have seen the great film Sliding Doors you will appreciate this story of my very own sliding doors moment. 

Just after the war my father did his National Service in the RAF, working on radar which was just beginning to be fitted in planes. He was stationed in Kinloss, on the east coast of Scotland, and one day he was crossing the runway, about to board a Lancaster bomber. As he neared the bomber he heard his senior officer call him back, having decided to assign him another task that day.

That bomber sadly crashed on Ben Eighe in Torridon, killing all of the crew. The wreckage is still up there. 

I have climbed Ben Eighe but if his Senior officer hadn’t changed his mind Dad would have been in that plane, he would have been killed, I wouldn’t have been born, and I wouldn’t have been on that hill beside the wreckage.

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