I occasionally get involved in future thinking about workplace stuff — the design and management of space to make it more suited to our changing ways of working. But it dawned on me the other day that the reason I don’t get excited about it is that I hope never to work in a workplace again. Even a trendy one!

I was talking about this to a friend during the week when we met up in one of the many WeWork properties springing up around London. He pointed to the large, creative, messy, pin board beside us and announced that it was fake and that there is one in every WeWork! Point made. 

Somehow the manipulation of physical spaces in this way leaves me feeling as uncomfortable as the manipulation of our online spaces that is so much in the public eye these days. The intentions might be good but the feeling that trained rats are being given the right conditions to be maximally productive in their cages still rankles.

Maybe I’m being over sensitive…


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