Helping people to catch up

One of the challenges of my work has always been balancing clients' need to anticipate the big technology driven changes that will impact their business with sometimes really basic questions about how to use Twitter!

Even those involved in "digital" can be unclear why. They focus on the practicalities and get busy building things or doing stuff – often simply because other companies around them are. But after a while they begin to wonder if all this busyness is really making the difference they expected.

While in some ways the world is changing very fast – in others, usually the important ones, nothing ever really changes. The challenge is working out which are which. What are the core elements of your interactions with customers or staff? What are the essential processes and what can be ignored? Very often people haven't had the time or space to consider these questions in their old analogue worlds let alone in the context of the shiny new digital one.

Sometimes the questions they have to ask themselves are difficult and uncomfortable. Not knowing the answers hurts. Getting them wrong hurts even more. Helping them to work through this is often a challenge – but it is a challenge I love.

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