Conversations not content

The internet still holds so much potential to helps us understand and improve ourselves and the world around us. Sadly much of it has been turned into one big content farm. It doesn't need to be this way. It is not too late.

Each of us can ask our selves every time we share, like, or write something:

Will this post trigger people to think more deeply about its topic?
Have I written it in a way that is more likely to open up debate than close it down?
Am I ready, even keen, to have people disagree with me and how will I deal with it when it happens?
Am I sharing this post just to make me look clever?
Am I fanning the flames of dissent and piggy backing on the latest scandal, or am I trying to understand and heal unnecessary and destructive division?
Is this post helping me, and those who read it, to feel more empowered and inspired -or is it more likely to make us feel afraid and cautious?
Is my activity likely to encourage others to engage more with each other, or does it help them stay passive consumers of other people's thoughts and ideas?

Like I said – it's not too late.

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