Toxic social media?

On the same day that I, yet again, read a journalist pontificating about toxic social media, I hear from my daughter Hannah about a friend at school whose sister recently died of cancer. The girl's mother had written a post on Facebook so movingly, and so skilfully, about the tragedy that Hannah, and everyone who read it, had been moved to tears.

This potential to put our most difficult and challenging thoughts down in writing, to clarify our thinking, to open up our hearts, to create shared meaning, this is as much social media as the poisonous damaging views that also get shared.

I have said it before, and will keep saying it, that social media is what we make it, it is up to us. Sure it is dominated at the moment by addictive and manipulative platforms but they are nothing without us, without our highly valued “content”. We control that content. It is our responsibility.

We have this wonderful opportunity to do what I call "joined up writing". To think harder and share better. As David Weinberger described it all those years ago "writing ourselves into existence".

We get to choose what sort of existence we are creating. We should remember this.

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