Old wolves in new sheep’s clothing.

It’s understandable I suppose. Even admirable. Each generation believes that it has discovered its magic wand. A new technology that is going to make everything better—achieve equality, right the world’s wrongs, eliminate suffering. The printing press, electricity, the telegraph, the telephone, the internet, social media, AI, Blockchain. The list will continue to go on.

Religions are another technology. A man made device to bring about transformation, to protect us from our worst excesses, to eradicate our sins. Some are thousands of years old but we keep inventing new ones with our latest -ologies and -isms. All of these, both old and new, cause as many problems as they solve.

Magic wands never quite seem to deliver. For all the effort we put into them, and all the faith we place in them, they ultimately disappoint. They are a distraction, a displacement activity. They barely scrape the fundamental underlying problem. Us.

Deep down we remain the same. Each time the wolf in us adopts new sheep’s clothing we fall for it. We think we’ve tamed it. But deep down we know. The wolf still lurks. Maybe it always will.

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