Doing big stuff

I shared some photos a couple of weeks ago of the Amersham Steam Day. There are a couple of large, steel, riveted water tanks left on one of the platforms. I found myself musing as I waited for my train this morning that it takes so much physical effort, presumably a train with a crane, to get them in and out of position.

While in Edinburgh last month, in a hotel opposite the new Forth Road Bridge that was still being built at that time, I was thinking as I often do, what confidence/arrogance it takes to even consider such an undertaking.

Every time I sit in an Airbus A380, trundling down the runway at the speed of a fast tractor, I find myself wondering what nutter ever thought they could get something that size to take off.

Sure, I remain confident that it is ideas that change the world, but there are some bloody amazing people who make it happen.

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