Righteous Indignation

It feels good doesn’t it? That moment when someone has wronged you in a way that makes you feel entitled to let rip. “The bastards.” “How could they?” “That is so unfair.” ”They deserve…” Carte blanche to really have a go, to release all that pent up testosterone, to be seen to be someone who stands up for themselves.

But isn’t it funny when you watch someone else reacting like this? Doesn’t it appear childish? Doesn’t is seem so, so obvious that their righteous indignation says more about them than it does about the other person, that their buttons have clearly been pressed? Why can’t they see that themselves?

And isn’t it the same in here, in Facebook? When you see someone ranting online it looks so obvious that they are exposing their own weaknesses and sore points more than they are exposing those of the other person.

Look back over some of your own posts and see how they appear. Take in and live again those moments when you indulged yourself. It’s not pretty is it?

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