I hope I’m not right

I hope I'm not right

The themes of my work have anticipated a few of the trends and changes we are seeing in the world currently:

My book title "Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do" anticipated the institutionally unconconstrained nightmare that is Trump.

"The Ideology Of Algorithms" has become more obvious to more people with the involvement of computer science in steering online sentiment during the Trump campaign.

"We all have a volume control on mob rule" is becoming more and more relevant every day as we grapple with a "Post Truth" society.

My current theme is "Staying ahead of the robots" in which I predict automation taking lumps out of the middle-class, white collar, knowledge work population. My pitch is that to stay ahead we need to rediscover our human qualities which have been in the main denegrated in the recent business environment.

But even if some of us manage to adapt in this way I am increasingly worried that we are mostly not ready for the degree of disruption that AI in its various forms will bring about.

In a recent post about what he learned in Copenhagen Chris McGrath describes my take on things as depressing. Perhaps, but I am worried that too many are in a state of complacent denial.

My sincere hope is that I am wrong.

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