Losing control

Four years ago the Olympic Committee’s attempt to ban social media at The London Olympics seemed laughable. The collapse of that ban, and the resulting enthusiasm and fun that social media enabled, subsequently played a large part in those games’ success.

And yet four years on here they are making silly pronouncements about what people can and can’t share from the Rio games.

It’s like they are in denial. They really don’t appear to know what to do with the loss of control. Instead of opportunity they see threat, instead of seeing new money making opportunities they protect their old ones.

It’s like the music industry all over again. It’s like companies who still ban Facebook or don’t know that senior managers are using Whatsapp to communicate with each other because they are fed up waiting for the old world to catch up.

It’s why I still reckon that it is going to take so much longer than people realise for the true impact of technology to become apparent.

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