Wherever you go there you are.

I am very lucky to get to travel as much as I do with my work. From Bangkok to Prague, Tallin to Sydney I have experienced many of the world’s most beautiful and interesting places. And I do really try to experience them, usually managing to fit in a mountain hike or, at the very least, a long city walk. I try to get as good a feel for the place I am in as I can and not squander the amazing opportunity I have been given.

But often I am not really there. I am stuck in my head. Ruminating over some remembered mistake or anticipating some imagined threat. I might as well be wrapped in cotton wool for all the connection I have with the world around me. But then many of us spend much of our time like this. Lost in thought instead of living our lives.

If we could just get away it would all be better. The whole holiday industry is based on this urge to run away, to be somewhere else, to be someone else. But wherever you go, there you are. You take your thoughts with you and unpack them faster than you do your guide books!

Our realities are created inside, not outside, and if we want to be happy we have to get better at turning our attention towards dealing with our problems and challenges, not running away from them.

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