There is a preachiness about enthusiasts for change of whatever sort. Whether technological, sociological, or pscychological. But if those who you are preaching at haven’t given you the authority to preach you are just yet another voice in the wind. To preach is to assume a dominance, a position higher up the food chain, a more advanced state of whatever sort. Doing so is deeply unattractive.

So how to bring about change?

Be different, and brave enough to be visibly so. Be consistently different through good times and bad. When invited to share how you became different do so enthusiastically but respectfully. Allow others to be different in their own way!

When accused once of being against religious evangelism, while at the same time being evangelical about my own world view, I responded by saying: “I don’t want people to think what I think. I just want them to think, and to share what they think me and with each other. Doing so may not get us where I think we are going but it will be somewhere worth getting to.”

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