A while back I tweeted “Do you want transformation or just tinkering”. The implied question being “Are you up for real change or do you just want to keep rearranging the deckchairs on The Titanic?”


The word “transformation” is beginning to worry me. It implies a total change, a radical departure from the status quo, a discarding of how you currently do things. It also implies an idealised end state. “If we manage to get to the magical world described in this forty page document then all will be OK.” But then we never do and it rarely is. Life, and work, stays gloriously messy and imprecise despite our best efforts, or most compelling fantasies.

Real change doesn’t happen in these big bang ways. It happens one person at a time, it takes longer than you ever imagined, and it ends up looking little like what you anticipated it would.

Yet again Trojan Mice spring to mind. Little things, loosely coordinated, working together. Add to this my favourite “Keep moving, stay in touch, and head for the high ground” and you have a greater chance of bringing about the level of change that we are all beginning to realise is called for to deal with our ever increasing challenges.

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