Stating the obvious.

I am struck by how often people say “I have nothing to blog about. Why would people be interested in what I think?” when we are discussing using social tools at work. They suffer from the same reticence as I did when I started blogging all those years ago. “Who am I to say this?” “Surely everyone knows this?” I called my blog “The Obvious?” because it was me overcoming my reticence about stating the obvious in public. Even the question mark was a self deprecating virtual nervous tick!

And yet most people love talking about what they know when you are in conversation with them face to face. We all have valuable experience and given the right encouragement will willingly share it. Maybe it’s because we are sharing in writing?Maybe even that little bit of additional formality makes us feel presumptuous?

The thing is, once you get over this hurdle amazing thing start to happen. Often what seems obvious to us isn’t obvious to everyone. They may never have realised what we are sharing. Or maybe they had realised it but are glad someone else has too! At the very worst you might share something that is common knowledge. Is that the end of the world?

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