The Voices In My Head

Are coming from you, and you, and yes, you!

A voice in my head is what you all are each time you post an update on Facebook, Twitter or wherever. It’s what I am to you as you read this.

I trust you enough to let you inside my head and you trust me enough to reciprocate.

Sometimes what you think is trivial seems fascinating to me. Sometimes what you think is fascinating seems trivial to me.

Whether trivial or fascinating these little glimpses into each other’s heads are new. We have never experienced them before, certainly not with this scale, immediacy, and intimacy.

It is worth paying close attention while we play with this new found ability.

6 thoughts on “The Voices In My Head

  1. Euan – thank your for these useful series of posts – like Mcluhan said we become what we behold – we shape our tools and then they shape us.. I know from being a long time follower you read a fair bit and can I recommend a book I read on a 2 week holiday with no internet by Sherry Turkle about reclaiming conversation in the digital age. I see the effects of this in offices where people descend into silent cockpits as well as reacting like Pavlovian subjects when the e-mail button flashes.


    1. Hi Andrew. Glad you find the posts interesting and thanks for the tip about the book. I was aware of it but am also already very conscious of the need to turn the internet off!


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