Joining the dots

One of the pleasures and privileges of my job is to work with people from all walks of life. From the military to aid workers, multinational corporations to small charities.

Recently I got to meet an amazing lady who along with a friend was organising a relief trip for Syrian refugees, taking a van full of supplies over to Slovakia. Her story made me think of all the people who spend their lives helping people recover from the disruption caused by wars or other traumatic change.

I then thought of all those involved in politics or even business who can bring about those massive changes. All people who wake In the morning and head off to work hoping, in their own way, to make a difference and, presumably, the world a better place. We are all parts of the same incredibly complex chains of actions and reactions that make up the human experience. Sometimes it is easy to forget this and act as if we are not.

I realised how unusual and privileged my position is. I get to see the variety and interconnectedness of human endeavour from lots of different perspectives. Part of what motivates me is the prospect afforded by the web to make this interconnectedness apparent to more people. Even within our organisations the consequences of our actions on each other can be hidden.

Maybe if we felt more joined up we’d be more thoughtful about what we do and get better at looking after each other…

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