Tinkering or transformation?

I have written before about how it is easier for organisations to tinker with how they do things rather than to transform themselves. Yesterday I mentioned the possibility of holding our organisations to account by using internal social networks. There was a degree of scepticism in the comments.

I believe that true, long lasting, transformation comes about through repeated, consistent, small acts. It is as much about a change in culture as it is a change in systems. Culture changes when we begin to behave differently individually and collectively.

We are beginning to learn to change our behaviour on the web. We are beginning to realise what a powerful tool we have at our disposal and maturing in our use of it. We are beginning to realise that we can use what we have learned at work.

Yesterday at the E2.0 conference in London David de Souza used the phrase “working how we live”. Sure there might be some rearguard action by those determined to prevent transformation, but I reckon there are more of us brave enough to have a go by the day.

2 thoughts on “Tinkering or transformation?

  1. To this excellent point Euan – when all new workers have grown up in a fully networked environment how will they feel in the traditional work place?

    I sense that the first wave of complete natives are hitting schools now. Schools are usually locked down and out of this world. How will schools keep the lid on?

    The next 10 years are going to be "interesting:"


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