Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation”. It sounds grand doesn’t it. One of those big, strategic, important initiatives we can all get busy with. But what does it really mean? Does it just mean using computers more, using the web more, shifting what we do now from one technology to another?

Or does it mean something more personal, more profound? Does it mean seeing the world differently and thinking hard about our role in it? Does it mean losing sight of the familiar shore of our assumptions about work as we set off into uncharted territory?

I see more and more people struggling with the changes we are going through and likely to face in the future. Uncertainty and anxiety can provoke an existential crisis. What does all this mean? What does it mean to me? What am I prepared to do about it?

Until more of us are willing to seriously attempt to answer these questions there will be little chance of a true “digital transformation” happening. We will keep rearranging the deckchairs until the new world passes us by and leaves us behind.

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