Bugger “tolerance of ambiguity”. Run towards it with your arms open!

I’ve not been paying enough attention to the election of Jeremy Corbyn to comment about his suitability as either leader of the Labour Party or as a potential prime minister. But I do get a sense of excitement about his appointment that signals bigger changes.

We are moving away from “mass”. Mass movements and mass media are things of the past. Our current political class knew how to handle mass, they appear at a loss as to how to harness networks of thoughtful individuals. Our old isms are outdated. We are shaping and forming new stories with each tweet, selfie and update. Large networks of individuals are beginning to emerge as the way we now make sense of the world around us.

None of us really know the rules for this yet. We are making them up as we go along. WE are making them up as we go along. Each of us individually has a new found responsibility, a new found power. It’s why the chapter in my book called “we all have a volume control on mob rule” will matter more and more.

It’s exciting – and the more we shake off our fears of ambiguity and learn to proactively shape our stories, the more exciting it will get.

2 thoughts on “Bugger “tolerance of ambiguity”. Run towards it with your arms open!

  1. I agree, Euan. I also find these changes exciting. It chimes with your recent post on Uncertainty (http://euansemple.com/theobvious/2015/8/31/uncertainty), and the political system is a good example of seeing this in action.

    Rather than exemplify a culture of democracy and debate, where every view counts, politics play out in a modern kind of gladiator pit (!) where combatants bludgeon each other with battering rams shiftily constructed from various blunt ‘certainties’.

    If we are entering a new phase where discussion and plurality of views are actually appreciated and can be made to work, and welcoming them does not lead to accusations of being weak, then I for one will be really pleased.


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