People who feel certain about things worry me. So much of life is unpredictable and out of our control that certainty can seem an act of folly.

It is often said that the difference between people who are brave and those who are not is that they are both afraid but brave people do what they have to do anyway.

People who are uncertain, who are unsure, tend to be derided. But people who aren’t sure can still take action. Not only that but they can be flexible enough to respond to whatever happens next.

There is a lot of certainty on offer on the internet. Maybe we need more uncertainty?

6 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. Not sure about needing more uncertainty in some measurable objective sense. On the other hand, your point about the denial of any uncertainties as a psychological state makes a lot of sense.

    I write and teach business students about the dilemmas of leadership and the dangers of denial of uncertainties and one right answer thinking.

    Best wishes.


  2. Thanks Euan. I think these questions are too often overlooked and it’s refreshing to focus on them.People are not only careless in how we talk about each other as personal individuals, but within most organisations that I’ve worked for positively de-personalising language is institutionalised – maybe out of a need to establish how Professional they are, and how focussed on Delivery.

    So we get rampant over-use of passive verbs, where no-one is responsible for actually doing anything, and misguided and counter-productive efforts (as I see them especially with my knowledge manager’s hat on) to divorce what people do and what people know from the actual people. I realise that I’m probably over-sensitive about this when I cringe at what I see as lazy but telling phrases like “people that…” instead of “people who…”:

    “people THAT live in the UK” etc! Why not say “people WHO …” We are people, not things!


      1. Just realised that I commented on the wrong post! Was aiming for the next one, sorry.Feel free to move/delete my well-chosen but misplaced words(!)


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