Years ago I wrote that “Social media adoption happens one person at a time and for their reasons not yours”. As time passes I am more and more convinced that this is ultimately how any change happens.

For all the change initiatives that keep people busy at work, the strategising, the PowerPoints, the endless meetings, nothing happens until one person has a conversation with another and the other person thinks “Right, I’m having some of that!”

We use slightly disparaging words such as viral for this kind of change, as if it was somehow under the radar, unofficial, risky. But it isn’t it how all change really happens? Isn’t everything else just a displacement activity helping us avoid facing the fact that we feel uneasy about having those real conversations because we ourselves haven’t bought into the change that we are so busily proposing?

Isn’t real change something we do for and with each other rather than something we do TO others? How could we get better at that? How could we all make it more likely to happen?

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