The voices in our heads – at work.

On Monday I wrote about the pressure we all face from cultural conditioning to conform, to react a certain way to life’s challenges, and how difficult it can be to break away from that.

This pressure is even greater at work where, for all the talk of innovation and transformation, the norms are even more rigidly adhered to. Not fitting in carries with it an even greater risk of disapproval, disadvantage, or ultimately dismissal.

But as we head into an era of increased automation of the white collar, knowledge work, jobs that so many of those reading this post do, the need to break free from constraints and add value is only going to increase.

If we are not prepared to listen to the quiet differentiating voice in our head, develop insights, risk standing out by communicating them, and make a real difference, then why are we there?

2 thoughts on “The voices in our heads – at work.

  1. They are there because of their story. For those who gaze at their story from a distance, through the window of Facebook, work is a mere necessity – a way to sustain their story. Others compartmentalise. For some, work is meaningful: their activity contributing to a deeper purpose. For everyone their story limits their comprehension – and so it is with you: your story is one of non-conformity and independence, but this is a rare proclivity and requires a certain appetite for solitary play :o)


    1. And yours would appear to involve telling other people what their story is! 😉

      Someone described my style the other day as "invitational" which I loved. All I aspire to do is raise awareness of the power of our stories and our ability to change them. Or not.


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