The voices in our heads

Well, maybe I am assuming too much here. Maybe you don’t have a voice in your head. I’m pretty bloody sure you don’t have the same one as I do! That voice that adds commentary to everything. “This will never work.” “You’ll look like a fool.” “What if they think your a waste of space?”

A small event or even thought happens and you spin off into endless wittering in your own head. Thing is, what happens if you eventually manage to shut it up? What is left?

I remember being frustrated as a youngster that my head was full of ways I “should” kiss a girl for the first time. Should I kiss her like Clint Eastwood would, or Woody Allen?

In his wonderful book [Mediated][1] Thomas de Zengotita explores how hard it is to identify and strip away conditioning, to free yourself from cultural and media brainwashing and to work out what you really think.

But what if there’s nothing in there? What if it’s just a big black hole? Is it a peaceful hole or a terrifying hole? Is it the horror that Kurtz faced in Heart Of Darkness, or the peace of the Buddha.

Maybe we get to choose?


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